Syringe Selection



Fixed Needle Syringe

• easy to use
• economical



Removable Needle Syringe

• easily replace the needle in case of bending
• able to change to a different length or outer diameter (OD) needle with the same syringe


MicroVolume Syringe with Plunger-in-needle

• plunger extends to needle tip
• sample is contained only in the needle, i.e. no glass contact
• ideal for dispensing very small liquid volumes


MicroVolume Syringe with Standard Plunger

• stainless steel plunger individually fitted to its own barrel
• plunger not replaceable
• industry standard syringe



Gas Tight Syringe

• PTFE tip plunger
• suitable for both liquid and gas samples
• plunger replaceable


Plunger Protection

• extended protection tube from top of the flange helps prevent plunger bending during injection


Guided Plunger

• extended barrel guides plunger during injection
• suitable for technician and student use


SuperfleX™ Flexible Plunger

• made from Titanium / Nickel
• indestructible plunger
• ideal for student use




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