We provide a broad range of ferrules made from Vespel®, Vespel®/Graphite, Graphite and PTFE.

Ferrule sizes refer to the size of the fittings into which they fit; they are not the diameter of the ferrule. (For example, 1/16" ferrules are 1/8" diameter.)


SGE Ferrules


SGE Ferrules for Capillary Columns

Vespel Ferrules

Vespel/Graphite Ferrules

Graphite Ferrules

PTFE Ferrules

Ferrule Accessories and Tools



Please note for all ferrules:

0.4mm id ferrules fit 0.25mm id capillary columns

0.5mm id ferrules fit 0.32mm id capillary columns

0.8mm id ferrules fit 0.53mm id capillary columns

"Straight" ferrules are used for packed columns




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