Needle Selection




Cone Tip
• minimizes septum coring for GC autosampler use




Bevel Tip
• standard general purpose needle tip style for dispensing liquids
• ideal for GC analysis with manual injection



Dual Gauge
• narrow gauge at front end for on column injection
• wide gauge to increase strength for autosampler use



LC Tip
• the square tip needle prevents damage to the valve’s rotor seal and stator face of the injector
• suitable for the pipetting of liquids



Dome Tip
• rounded and polished tip to facilitate septum penetration



Side Hole / Dome Tip
• liquid sample is filled and dispensed through the side hole
• recommended for large volume GC injection




PTFE Coated Tip
• ideal for dispensing aqueous samples without wetting the outside of the needle



Sheathed / Bevel Tip
• same as the bevel tip, except a 0.7mm OD reinforcing sheath is silver soldered over the needle to within 10mm of the tip
• sheath provides exceptional strength to the needle





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