Marathon™ Septa


* Download the Premium Injection Port Septa flyer for more information

* Outstanding lifetime

* Premium septa for Autosamplers

* Ideal for overnight runs

* Up to 400 Injections per septum

* Soft, 45 Durometer, easy on Autosampler needs


An advanced GC Septum for Autosampler use, with significantly longer life. The Marathon™ Septum typically achieves 400 injections without failure, when used with a rounded-tip (HP style) needle and autosampler or needle guide. Now you can make extended autosampler runs without fear of sample loss caused by blow-back of leaking carrier gas. The Marathon™ Septum is also ideal for standard manual-injection GC and GC/MS. It is packaged in Glass vials.




Part Number

5mm Marathon(TM)

5mm Marathon™ for HP OCI Port, 25/pk, CentreGuide™


3/8" Marathon(TM)

3/8" (9.5mm) Marathon™, 25/pk


7/16" Marathon(TM)

7/16" (11mm) Marathon™, 25/pk, CentreGuide™


11.5mm Marathon(TM)

11.5mm Marathon™ for Varian, 25/pk


1/2" Marathon(TM)

1/2" (12.7mm) Marathon™, 25/pk


17mm Marathon(TM)

17mm Marathon™, 25/pk


Marathon(TM) for Shimadzu

Marathon™ for Shimadzu, 25/pk




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