Septa BTO®


Excellent performance in demanding conditions


* Download the Premium Injection Port Septa flyer for more information

* Extended temperature rangle, low-bleed

* Maximum temperature 400

* Virtually eliminates injection-port sticking

*Pre-conditioned; packaged on glass top prevent contamination

* Each batch GC-FID tested

* Ideal for use with low-bleed, "Mass Spec" capillary columns


Septa BTO® is bleed and temperature optimized for today's most demanding GC and GC/MS applications. Sepat BTO is formulated to extend low-bleed and outstanding mechanical properties of premium GC Septa to the highest temperature applications. It retains remarkable softness and piercebility at high temperatures, with extremely low bleed, and it has been optimized to reduce injection port adhesion. Packaged in glass vials.

You can use Septa BTO at 400°C with most modern GCs. For some models 375°C is the maximum, for 17mm injectors the maximim is 300°C.




Part Number

5mm BTO(R)

5mm BTO® for HP OCI Port, 50/pk Centre Guide™


3/8" BTO (R)

3/8" (9.5mm) BTO®, 50/pk


10mm BTO (R)

10mm BTO®, 50/pk


7/16" (11mm) BTO(R)

7/16" (11mm) BTO®, 50/pk CentreGuide™




11.5mm BTO® for Varian, 50/pk


1/2" (12.7mm) BTO(R)

1/2" (12.7mm) BTO®, 50/pk


17mm BTO(R)

17mm BTO®, 50/pk


Septa BTO(R)

Septa BTO® for Dhimadzu, 50/pk




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