Easy Grip Manual Crimpers and Decappers


Are you tired of using a bulky metal crimper and decapper? But you don’t crimp enough vials to justify an Electronic Crimper? Why not upgrade to our new East Grip hand Crimper and Decapper!



manual crimpers




Our new ergonomically designed manual crimpers and decappers transform the standards of vial crimping and decapping.


* The body is constructed of tough, light glass filled plastic; providing light weight and high strength.

* The curved high-strength handles create a natural grip, greatly improving comfort over block metal grips.

* The tools are acticated by a bottom-pull handle which is steadier to hold than push top handle designs. It is easy to keep the tapered jaws or the crimper from wobbling during crimping or decapping.

* The adjustment knob, which sets the stroke of the tool and the tightness of the crimp, is conveniently positioned at the head of the crimper. The easily-viewed knob clearly displays + and - symbols along with directional arrows. This simplifies adjusting the level of crimp desired. No more "extra squeeze" necessary after the limit stop has been reached! You can clearly see the crimp setting has been reached when the knob touches the crimper body.

* To ensure a smooth and consistent operation, the crimper uses the same precision tolerances as the electronic crimper and decappers. Available in 11mm and 20mm crimpers and decappers.


Manual Crimper Knob

Adjustment Knob - Conveniently located at the head of the crimper for clear visibility.

Manual Crimper Knob Close UpManualCloseup2



Manual Crimpers Handle


Bottom Handles pull up to crimp or decap



Crimper Jaws - Close up of crimper jaws showing open and closed positions.



Open Position / Closed position

Crimper Jaws

Crimper Jaws 2


Decapper Jaws - Close up of decapper jaws showing open and closed positions.


Open Position / Closed position

Jaws 1

Jaws 2




Part No.

8mm Precision Crimper


11mm Precision Crimper


13mm Precision Crimper


20mm Precision Crimper





11mm Precision Decapper


13mm Precision Decapper


20mm Precision Decapper








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