HD Crimper- For Heavy-Duty Use, Steel Crimp Caps



* Precision electronic crimping

* Powerful 15v dc supply

* Fits interchangeable jaw sets in a variety of sizes and styles

* Multiple programs can be stored to accomodate different jaw sets

* LCD Display shows settings and verifies tool performance

* Ideal for high-volume crimping


The HD Crimper is designed to take on tasks that exceed the capability of the battery-powered electronic crimper. The HD Crimper controller box conatins a universal 150 watt dc power supply that can be plugged into the ac line (120/230 volt 50/60 hz) The motor is powerful enough the crimp and remove magnetic steel crimp caps used in autosamplers with magnetic pickup arms. Even these caps can be crimped in approximately 1.5 seconds. The portable tool portion of the HD Crimper is connected to the controller box with a flexible cable. It can be mounted in a support bracket that is artatched to the rear of the case, or it can be used as a portable tool when working with vials in racks. The crimp cycle can also be started with an optional foot pedal.



Part No

HD Crimper controller and power supply


11mm Jaw Set- Crimping


11mm Jaw Set- Decapping


20mm Jaw Set- Crimping


20mm Jaw Set- Decapping


20mm Jaw Set- Flip Off / Tear Off


Foot pedal activator for HD Crimper




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