6.4V Electronic Crimping Tool


The advanced features include:

• More powerful motor with a faster cycle
• Longer lasting battery with Lithium Ion technology
• Advanced charging system including warning light when recharging is necessary
• Can be operated while charging
• Convenient controls on top of unit


Electronic crimpers and decappers fit standard laboratory vials and seals with aluminum or two-part aluminum/steel caps. The electronically adjustable cycle is accurate and reproducible and can be adjusted with the control pad on top of the unit. The tools are ergonomically designed to reduce strain and arm injury associated with many manual crimping tools. Available in 8 (crimper only), 11, 13, and 20 mm cap sizes








Electronic Crimper 11mmElectronic Crimper 20mm


New 6.4 Volt Crimping Tools to replace the older 4.8 volt models.

Recharging the Battery

Plug the power jack from the DC supply into the crimping tool. After a pause the Battery LED on the front of the tool will begin blinking green, showing that the charging has started. After 1 to 2 hours the LED will display a steady green light, indicating that the charge is complete. The power supply includes a plug set for operation in most countries.




Adujsting the crimp setting


Power Supply


Adjusting the Crimp Setting

The Electronic Crimpers and Decappers are adjustable for most aluminum caps and standard seals used in the laboratory. To adjust the crimp setting, push the buttons on the top display panel of the crimping tool until the desired setting is reached. The negative (-) button will adjust to a looser crimp and the plus (+) button will adjust to a tighter crimp.


Part No.

6.4V Electronic Crimper Tool 8mm


6.4V Electronic Crimper Tool 11mm


6.4V Electronic Crimper Tool 13mm


6.4V Electronic crimper Tool 20mm




6.4V Electronic Decapper Tool 11mm


6.4V Electronic Decapper Tool 13mm


6.4V Electronic Decapper Tool 20mm




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