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Leaks in Septa or fittings are sometimes hard to find. SNOOP® is an excellent agent for detecting leaks in any pressure system. SNOOP is non-toxic, non-flammable and chloride-free. Designed for use from 0 to 90 deg/c. SNOOP® is supplied in handy 8oz polythene squeeze bottles.

Snoop®, 8 oz





Silanised Glass Wool


Using silanised glass wool to plug the ends of columns results in sharper peaks and reduced tailing.

Silanised Glass Wool 25g


Silanised Glass Wool 100g






Column Tags

Avoid Information being inadvertently left off.


Plain Column tags, PK 25







Makes an excellent job of marking column tags and other soft metal and packing columns. Supplied with carbide tip.









Plastic Column Caps


Flexible Vinyl end caps to prevent dirt and moisture entering the column during storage.


1/16"   Pack 50


1/8"     Pack 50


1/4"     Pack 50






Allen Wrench Set




Standard or Metric. The standard Allen wrenches come in a set of 9, from 0.050\2 to 3/16". The metric Allen wrenches come in a set of 7, from 1.5mm to 6mm.

Allen Wrench Set





4 in 1 Screwdriver



Comes with two double-ended heads, each with a flat and phillips head. Just flip the end to change the tip.

4-in-1 Screwdriver




Wire Stripper/Crimper



Useful for cutting or stripping wire,and crimping on connectors. For repairs, maintenance, prototyping.

Wire Stripper/Crimper





Micro Hook



This is a multi-purpose hook used for pulling O-rings, springs, or septum fragments.


Micro Hook






Glass Tubing Cutter




For shortening glass columns or inserts; other applications involving glass tubing. The gardened steel cutting wheel scores tubing as it is turned; cuts tubing up to 1.5".


Glass Tubing Cutter


Spare Cutting Wheels, 5/pk








This is great for leak-proofing fittings; dry-lubricating joints. Do not use over ferrules. PTFE tape comes in rolls of 520 inches; 1/2" wide.












This 1/100th second Stopwatch has split/lap and normal time. It displays hours, minutes, seconds, day, date, and month. Quartz accuracy. Useful for measuring gas flow with bubble flowmeters. Has alarm feature.






Mirror on a stick



The Mirror on a Stick lets you peer around corners or tight spaces; also used at the outlet of flame detectors; condensation on the mirror indicates the flame is lit.

Mirror on a stick





Adjustable Wrench




6 inch or 10 inch. The 6" wrench opens to 15/16" for all common Swage-lok connectors. The 10" wrench opens to 15/16" for standard CGA fittings. Chrome plated, drop-forged steel.


 6" Adjustable Wrench


10" Adjustable Wrench





Open End Wrenches



This set fits most types of fittings. Sizes range from 5/16" to 9/16" in 1/16" increments. Made from Chrome-plated Steel. 5 wrenches.


Open End Wrenches





Ratchet Wrench



The jaws of the wratchet Wrench open, to slip over fittings already in place. Makes tightening or loosening in cramped areas easy. Three sizes are available: 7/16", 1/2" or 9/16".


Ratchet Wrench (7/16")


Ratchet Wrench (1/2")


Ratchet Wrench (9/16")





Lighted Magnifier



This is perfect for inspecting capillary end cuts and syringe tips. The 11/4" x 11/4" lens magnifies 4x; small bifocal insert lens measures 8X. Batteries included.


Lighted Magnifier





Goose-neck Flashlight



Illiminates hard to reach areas. The Goose-neck flashlight has a flexible neck which can be bent as desired. Includes batteries.


Goose-neck Flashlight





Needle nose Pliers



These are useful for picking up or clamping small parts. Comes with vinyl grips for sure grip.


Needle-Nose Pliers





Jeweler's ScrewDrivers



Six flat-head screwdrivers with convenient swivel-top handles. Blades are from 0.025" to 0.100" in width.


Jeweler's ScrewDrivers





Magnet on a Stick



This is used to pick up small objects such as screws and nuts from instrument cabinets and circuit boards.


Magnet on a Stick





Packed Column Change Kit




This has everything you need for hooking up columns in the GC lab. The kit includes three ratchet wrenches, 7/16", 1/2"and 9/16"; one Imp® Tubing cutter, and one roll of PTFE tape, 1/2" x 520". The ratchet wrenches are ideal for tight spaces; the ratchet tips can be opened, then snapped closed around the fittings


 Column Change Kit 





Needle Cleaning Kit 



This Kit is specifically designed  for cleaning syringes & needles.  It includes one bottle of organic, biodegradable cleaning solution, and 10 each of five different diameter tungsten wires, ranging in diameter from 0.0035" to 0.0121". Suggested cleaning procedures are included. 


 Needle Cleaning Kit 





Fine Wire Kit 



The Fine Wire Kit lets you  clean many small items  around the lab; also useful  for bending into microhooks. The kit contains a pin vise, and 30 stainless steel wires 10 each of the following sizes: 0.006" and 0.020".


 Fine Wire Kit 





FID Cleaning Kit 



The Flame Detector Cleaning Kit improves sensitivity while reducing noise and spikes. Use it to clean both the jet tip and collector. The Kit includes everything you'll need: three jet reamers (0.016", 0.019" and 0.024") with a unique spiral design that cleans without scratching; a mini drill bit (0.0102"), two wire mini brushes, one brass and one stainless steel; and a dual-ended handle for the reamers and brushes. 


 FID Cleaning Kit 





Utility Ring Stand 




This nickel-plated ring stand is useful  for holding bubble flowmeters, as well  as a wide variety of standard lab equipment. The support rod is 5/16"od x 20".  Clamps are available seperately. The plastic coated jaws hold round glassware from, 3/8" to  1 3/8" in diameter and less. Rotates 360deg. The ring stand clamps are made from Zinc plated steel. 


 Utility Ring Stand 


 Large Ring Stand Clamp 


 Small Ring Stand Clamp 






Injection Port Cleaning Kit 




 This is designed for cleaning all GC injection ports, including those in Shimadzu Instruments.    Included are three stainless steel brushes, 5mm (for Shimadzu), 1/4" and 3/8", and one scraper for removing septum residue

 Inj. Port Cleaning Kit 





Replacement Column Frits - For 4.6mm ID (1/4" OD) Col



* Made from the purest Available Stainless Steel, or PEEK
* With PEEK Sealing Rings or Without
* All 0.062" Thick


FRIT, SS without Sealing Ring, 0.5um, 10/pk



FRIT, SS without Sealing Ring, 2um, 10/pk



FRIT, SS with Sealing Ring, 0.5um, 10/pk



FRIT, SS with Sealing Ring, 2um, 10/pk



FRIT, PEEK with Sealing Ring, 0.5um, 2/pk


FRIT, PEEK with Sealing Ring, 2um, 2/pk





Capillary / HPLC Wrench Set




This set includes 4 wrenches for use on 1/32", 1/16", or 1/8" nuts. The wrench ends are 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", and 7/16".


Capillary / HPLC Wrench Set





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