Hamilton PRP Polymeric Columns


Hamilton's Polymeric Reversed Phase (PRP) columns combine the characteristics of silica based and polymeric columns for improved versatility and longer life. With PRP columns, you can let your sample dictate the necessary separation conditions - they are not restricted to the acidic range of silica columns.

PRP Columns Provide:

Enhanced Selectivity - stable from pH 1 to 13. Acidic and basic compounds can be analyzed on the same colums, by varying the pH of the mobile phase.

Long Column Life - stable in any concentration of aqueous buffer or organic modifier

Improved Sample Recovery - all PRP columns are made of poly (styene-divinyl benzene) and contain no silanol groups. Silanol groups present on silica-based columns can cause irreverisble adsorption and poor sample recovery.

High-Pressure Stability - stable up to 340 bar (5000 psi), for high flow rates and quick analyses



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Carbohydrate Analysis


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